DSC04666My partner Helen and I have been looking forward to activating The Nut State Reserve for a while now since it was added approximately one year ago to the WWFF program. The Easter weekend looked like a good opportunity so we decided to take the plunge. The weather forecast sounded reasonable and the wind speed that so often plays a major part was low making it ideal. Read the rest of this entry

Last Saturday afternoon, a group of us decided to do a portable session on the North West coast of Tasmania (VK7) during the John Moyle Field Day event which ran from March 17 UTC 01:00 until March 18 UTC 00:59. We set up at Brickmakers Beach which is located on the coast about a 40 minute drive from Burnie, just to the West of Port Latta. This location is part of the Little Peggs Beach State Reserve and is included in the WWFF program. Read the rest of this entry

march2018Since moving to Tasmania in mid-2016 I have tried to mix our WWFF park activations with some SOTA (summits on the air) activations. To date, we’ve activated three SOTA summits in the North West at Tinkers Lookout, Mt Montgomery and Mt Gnomon in January this year. Very few summits in this region have been activated and Tinkers Lookout was the only one with any prior activation history. Read the rest of this entry

My partner Helen (VK7FOLK) and I have been looking for an opportunity to do a SOTA activation in the North West of Tasmania for some time. Since relocating here we’ve done just the two to date. The peaks seem to require quite a lot of effort to reach and most in these parts are only the 1 point. That said, we’re not competitive people so not too bothered about the points but were concerned at being told by some that access to certain summits was closed. Read the rest of this entry

Narawntapu National ParkYesterday afternoon, my partner Helen VK7FOLK and I returned to the Narawntapu National Park to complete our World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF) activation. We first visited the park earlier this month to participate in a WWFF team championship weekend when unfortunately the weather was poor, confining us to the car. Read the rest of this entry