Buddipole antennaI’ve been getting frustrated with only being able to operate from my motor vehicle, particularly in the hotter weather when it’s too uncomfortable to be in the car.

I was impressed with Stephen’s (VK6HCF) Buddipole antenna which he uses up in Broome and operated with it when we visited there in June, 2011. I particularly liked the way it packs up into an easily portable carry bag which suits me well with my current housesitting lifestyle (I move locations at least 6 times per year).

After much procrastinating, I finally bought one direct from the Buddipole website and it arrived this week. I opted for the deluxe package and also purchased a long mast version with a guying kit.

I intend using it in the back garden whilst we are at Dawesville (we’re here from January until the end of March this year) since I can sit under cover and there are mosquito burners to hopefully keep them away. It will be interesting to see how I get on.

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