logoI have organised a VK7 day on May 12 to promote both portable operations and the World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF) program in Tasmania . On this date, portable operators throughout the state will activate parks in the program.

The WWFF program’s purpose is to “draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna, and to encourage the development of radio skills, especially in portable operations”.

If you are not familiar with the WWFF program and the concept of “activating” then a visit to the WWFF Australia website is a must.

Here are some useful shortcuts to particular sections of the WWFF Australia site:-

  • There are currently 99 parks listed in the program throughout Tasmania including national parks, state reserves, conservation areas and more! To see a complete listing of parks throughout Tasmania, please visit this page of the WWFF Australia website.
  • Getting started and activating parks for the WWFF program is straightforward and you can find out more here.
  • To submit your logs you will need a free Logsearch account  and there are excellent instructions here on how to register.
  • Instructions on how to create an activator log can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have any queries.

Current Plans for May 12

Jon VK7JON / Helen VK7FOLK

  • Sundown Point State Reserve VKFF-1828.
  • West Point State Reserve – VKFF-1840.
  • Pieman River State Reserve – VKFF-1822 (Sunday)

Linda VK7QP / Martin VK7GN

  • Douglas Apsley National Park – VKFF-0145
  • Wye River State Reserve – VKFF-1841.

Tony VK7LTD / Angela VK7FAMP – Ida Bay State Reserve VKFF-1807

Andrew VK7DW – Narawntapu National Park VKFF-0005

Eric VK7EV – Kimberley Springs State Reserve – VKFF-1810

Peter VK7PD – Granite Point Conservation Area – VKFF-1136