Mobile at Blakeney, Norfolk

Mobile at Blakeney, Norfolk

In March we set off from Edinburgh in our smart hire car to visit Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire over just under a fortnight. I brought with the amateur radio gear, consisting of the Yaesu FT857D, 9AH battery and the Yaesu ATAS-120A antenna.

We were due to visit a number of coastal areas of England and I was looking forward to plenty of mobile sessions during the trip. Fortunately I managed one good radio session from Blakeney on the North coast of Norfolk on the morning of March 16. Read the rest of this entry

In F8DRA shack

In Marc F8DRA’s shack

In late February, Helen and I had the pleasure of spending just under a week with my friend Marc F8DRA at his home in Tancarville, in France’s Normandy region. Normandy is in the North West part of France.

I’ve spoken with Marc several times on air from VK6 and we struck up a friendship via Facebook and email. When Marc heard we were going to be based in Scotland for such a long time, he was keen to meet. Neither Helen nor I had been to France for close to 15 years and the prospect of staying with a French family was too much to resist.

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Following our return to Edinburgh from our Scottish isle trip, Frank MM0HST was also kind enough to loan me his Yaesu ATAS-120A antenna to use with his FT857D transceiver. This model of antenna is great to use with the FT857D because it is auto tunable and interfaces with the transceiver’s menu system. So once you configure the transceiver via the menu you have an antenna which auto tunes at the touch of a button on 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres.

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Stirling District Amateur Radio SocietyI arranged with Frank MM0HST to spend the day at the GM6NX Stirling District Amateur Radio Society. I walked up to the bus station in St Andrews Square in Edinburgh and took the Citylink 909 bus to Stirling. I was met on route by Frank who drove me the final few miles to the club location in Throsk.

I worked the club when it was using the G14CG special event callsign earlier in 2014 to celebrate the Commonwealth Games when they were held in Glasgow. Read the rest of this entry

Portable operation using Buddipole in Bunessan, Isle of MullI was very spoilt during my time on the Isle of Mull with the opportunity of working plenty of amateur radio in the portable, with the rare luxury of being able to do it from indoors since we were staying at a friend’s cottage! This gave me the flexibility of operating at different times of the day and night and I made plenty of contacts mainly on 17 metres, but also a few on 20 and 40 metres.

My only regret of my time on Mull was that I was limited with the battery only and did not have a power supply with me. This limited my power output potential to what the 7Ah battery could handle, but I can’t complain. Read the rest of this entry