My name is Jonathan Clayman and I’ve held an amateur radio licence since the early 1980’s (when I was 17 years of age). I’m originally from Sydney, New South Wales, so my original callsign was a VK2 but I left there many years ago.

In June, 2016 I relocated to the city of Burnie on the North.West coast of Tasmania, located about 350 kilometres north west from Hobart.

Previous callsigns were VK6JON, VK6PTU, VK5HJC and VK2PTU. I operated in the UK as MM0/VK6JON, M/VK6JON and from Normandy, France as F/VK6JON during 2014/15. All lots of fun!

Please don’t hesitate to send me a note via the site’s Contact page. If we’ve spoken, you might see a mention of our contact on the site and feel free to leave a comment if you want to. This site receives a lot of spam comments so if you do leave a comment, please send me a note separately since otherwise it might get deleted accidentally.

73s and Good DX, Jonathan VK7JON