Whilst staying at Melville, I’ve been operating with the Buddipole on 20 metres with some excellent results. A few weeks ago whilst in Mandurah operating from the car, I had a QSO with Kim VK6TQ who informed me that 10 metres is currently open most days from around 8:30 UTC to around sunset which is currently around 11:00 UTC.

Due to work commitments, I currently only operate on the weekends and I’ve solely operated on 10 metres the past two weekends which has been a lot of fun with the band wide open. Last weekend I found myself in high demand in pileups both on Saturday and Sunday working 71 stations. I’ve now got to find the time to enter them into my site’s logbook application!

The biggest thrill was being able to set up the Buddipole as a horizontal dipole which I always find quieter than the vertical with virtually no noise. Whilst at this location when using the Buddipole on 20 metres as a vertical, I rarely have a noise level below S3 making it hard to pull in weaker signals.

I found the QSB much heavier than I’m used to experiencing on 20 metres and there were also more weaker signals but an impressive range of countries over the two weekends including Italy, Romania, Hungary, Spain, England, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, France, Germany, Dubai, The Moldives, Japan and Indonesia. I was very happy with the performance of the Buddipole with 100 watts.

Unfortunately it had to end and I left the Melville address on Monday this week. I’m still staying in the area about a kilometre away in a good location so I hope to be able to continue to set up the Buddipole on the weekends. Watch this space.

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