Operation from Rushy PointFollowing my previous post where I advised that I was going to purchase a toroid to assist with RF problems I unfortunately purchased the wrong part! I visited Jaycar Electronics whilst in Mandurah and purchased a pack of insulating clips instead of a toroid at their suggestion. Great idea except they are too wide for the RG58 coax.

We’re currently visiting a friend in Albany for the Easter break which is located on the Southern Coast of Western Australia, about 400 kilometres from Perth. I set up the Buddipole today from Rushy Point which is located in Little Grove about 8 kilometres outside the town centre which was a good location in the Princess Royal Harbor. Nice and quiet also with very few people around.

I initially set up the Buddipole as a vertical but was having problems with the tuning above 14.200 Mhz. I then altered it to a vertical dipole with a sloping element and managed to tune it by adjusting the length of one of the elements. I had a good contact with Hungary and then spoke with Stephen VK6HCF in Broome. The radio reset itself once only during today’s operation so I didn’t remain on air for too long.

There’s been few shops open here during the Easter break but I’ll be visting Jaycar tomorrow on our way back up to Perth to get the right part this time!

Operation at Rushy Point   Operation at Rushy Point

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